Park Policies & General Rules


  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited
  • Glass containers are prohibited and will be confiscated
  • Food/drink prohibited on the indoor pool deck area.
  • Smoking is prohibited at The Beach Ottumwa; there are designated smoking areas outside of the facility
  • Only Coast Guard Approved flotation devices are allowed in the park.
  • No pets allowed in the park
  • Guests wearing shorts with metal studs may not ride ANY slides.
  • PAGING IS NOT ALLOWED. Parents/Guardians who need to find a child may enter the park with a 10 minute parent pass free of charge. Those using a parent pass must be escorted in and out of the park by a Supervisor.
  • Guests with open cuts, abrasions, and sores are not permitted to enter the water
  • Children age 9 and under must be accompanied and supervised by and adult age 15 and older while in the park
  • No running or horseplay.
  • Fins/Snorkels/Masks which cover the nose. Not permitted in any pool except the competition pool. Only for use by adult lap swimmers.
  • No diving is allowed in any pool, with the exception of the deep end of the competition pool.
  • No deck furniture is permitted in any pool, or at the edge of the wave pool.
  • Eyeglasses require a head strap
  • Balls, Frisbees and other toys prohibited in every pool. (may be used in sandy play area)
  • Lifeguards have the authority to prohibit any behavior or activity that poses a risk of injury
  • Children under 48 inches must be accompanied into the water by a person 15 years or older within arms reach at all times
  • We reserve the right to close attractions due to staffing needs that cannot be met; we do not issue refunds if the attraction you wanted are closed.
  • No food or drink is allowed to be brought in to the Beach Ottumwa. We have a fully stocked concession stand.
  • No smoking allowed anywhere on the Beach Ottumwa grounds, including outside the front entrance.


Park hours are subject to change without notice due to weather and other conditions. The outdoor water park will not open if the forecast high is below 70 degrees. The park will close if the temperature falls below 70 degrees or in the case of inclement weather. The park will close due to low attendance in accordance with posted requirements. Hours may be subject to change in the case of pre-scheduled special events. All special events will be posted at The Beach Ottumwa and on the website as soon as correct information is available.


Summer Passes

Summer passes are valid from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend.

  • Use of individual pass is limited to the person whose name and photo appears on the pass
  • Fraudulent use of the pass will invalidate pass permanently
  • Pass holder’s picture is no longer on Beach pass.
  • We will keep people’s passes at the front desk if necessary.
  • Holder of pass must abide by all rules and regulations of The Beach Ottumwa. Failure to follow all rules may result in the forfeiture of the pass and all privileges without refund.
  • Children age 9 and under must be supervised by an adult age 15 or older to enter the park
  • Children 40 inches and under are required to wear a lifejacket in the wave pool at all times

Lost Passes

Pass cards may be re-printed in the case of loss. Replacement fee is $5.
A $3 fee will be charged to look up a pass record for forgotten passes. The Beach Ottumwa cannot keep passes at the admissions area.



  • An individual may receive a refund for a Pre-Season summer pass purchase for any reason at any time prior to February 1st.
  • An individual may receive a refund for a pass purchase at anytime if more than 1 pass has been purchased for the same individual.
  • An individual may receive a refund for a season pass prior to June 1 if he/she experiences a medical condition that significantly interferes with his/her ability to utilize the facilities at The Beach Ottumwa. A written doctor’s verification of the medical condition must be submitted for the refund to be approved.
  • An individual may receive a refund for a pass prior to June 1 if the individual is relocation to a primary residence located at least 25 miles from Ottumwa.

Payment Plans

$10 deposit required to start a payment plan for summer season passes. Outstanding balance must be paid in full by May 1st. Outstanding payment plan balances will not be refunded. The value of the incomplete payment plan will be distributed in the form of 1-day admissions to The Beach Ottumwa.


  • Guests must enter/exit from the zero depth end of the pool only
  • No running
  • No holding, touching or pulling of the rope located at the deep end of the pool.
  • No standing on or kneeing on tubes
  • Use of ladders is limited to emergency removal and staff only
  • Only staff Lifeguards are allowed in the area between the ropes and the edge of the pool
  • Children 40 inches and under are required to wear a lifejacket in the wave pool at all times


  • Children must be 52″ and under to enter the Kiddie Play area.
  • Children playing in a rough or unsafe manner, regardless of height, will be asked to leave the Kiddie Play area.
  • No walking up the otter slide
  • Feet first riding, either on front or back side, ONLY allowed on the Otter Slide
  • Lifeguards has the authority to restrict adults from riding the Otter Slide, due to the possibility of collision and injury at the bottom of the Otter Slide.


  • Guests must wait at the bottom of the slide stairs until guest in front of them has exited the slide
  • Lifejackets may be worn. Lifejacket must be worn correctly
  • Only single riding allowed
  • Exit catch pool stairs immediately after riding slide
  • Open swimming allowed only in the north half of the pool when slide is running
  • No hanging on/ sitting on/ touching of rope
  • An adult may catch a rider exiting the slide flume, however, only 1 guest at a time is allowed to enter the south end of the catch pool
  • Lifeguard has the authority to restrict riders when unsafe/ uncooperative behavior is exhibited


  • All players must wear appropriate athletic shoes
  • All players must be dry
  • Chairs and tables may not be place on the basketball court or on the grass next to the court
  • Absolutely no hanging on the rim